Hello. I’m Ross. Welcome to my site. Here you’ll find a portfolio of my photography work, as well as some of my writing. If you’re interested in working with me, send me a message. I’ve been a photographer, sports journalist,…

Photography Portfolio

Here you can see a selection of my photography work.

TEX: The Father of Texas Swimming

An officer in the original Navy SEALs, an Olympian, a national champion, the first swim coach at the University of Texas, and the founder of the nation’s biggest summer camp, Tex Robertson was a rare individual who pushed the bounds…

Roaming the Cosmos – Trappist-1

The arrangement of planets we see in the solar system is just one of many, many possibilities. The grand expanse of the universe holds a tremendous variety of planetary systems and we need not go far to find something unusual….

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Roaming the Cosmos – Vega

Fourteen thousand years ago, the North Star wasn’t the North Star. The night sky in the northern hemisphere currently turns around Polaris, the brightest star in the Little Dipper. But that changes, ever so slowly, because the Earth is not…

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Roaming the Cosmos – Proxima Centauri B

As we move farther away from the sun, our journey gets colder and colder. If we want to find warmth and light again, it will be around distant suns. Every star has a habitable zone — a range of orbits…

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