TEX: The Father of Texas Swimming

An officer in the original Navy SEALs, an Olympian, a national champion, the first swim coach at the University of Texas, and the founder of the nation’s biggest summer camp, Tex Robertson was a rare individual who pushed the bounds of what one man can accomplish in a lifetime. From his creation of the now-ubiquitous flip turn technique as a swimmer at Michigan to his numerous inventions at Camp Longhorn (including the Frisbee), the effects are still felt today from the life of a man who grew up in frontier West Texas and became, by sheer force of will, an influential figure in state history.

To have a major impact in just one area of expertise would be impressive in itself, but Tex Robertson impacted swimming, the U.S. military, wildlife conservation, coaching, and youth camping.

Featuring a foreword by former U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, TEX: The Father of Texas Swimming is five books in one, each detailing an aspect of a unique and fascinating life:

From Mudhole to Michigan – The Story of Tex the Swimmer
Longhorns and Frogmen – The Story of Tex the Coach
Attawaytogo – The Founding of Camp Longhorn
Political Bulldog – Tex and Politics
It Only Takes a Spark… – The Legacy of Tex Robertson

How to Purchase

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